Who are we ?

Founded in Paris in 2003, Notify makes denim its masterpiece. With his savoir-faire and expertise, its founder Maurice Ohayon quickly imposed his singular vision of fashion and breathed a sartorial spirit into his collections. By opening the doors of luxury to jeans, the one that ELLE magazine describes as the « Saint Laurent of denim » gives this iconic garment a new legitimacy: that of tailor-made.

Made in eco-responsibleItalian factories, Notify jeans are cut from high quality organic cotton fabrics and benefit from the work of our experts, who, each season, develop innovative treatments and washes that respect the environment and offer inspired Made in Italy collections.

Those treatments respect European standards and patinas are applied by hand, which only Notify has control over. The exclusive process and the hand brushing give the canvas a natural and subtle aged look.

Like a real tailor's workshop, Notify makes the detail a signature: worked cuts, artisanal methods of washing, name of the model embroidered on the inner belt.

Driven by a constant desire to push creation further, Notify brings together tradition and innovation, authenticity et audacity.

Notify fait du denim sa toile de maître